Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I know when a product is in stock?
A. Our goal is to have everything in stock, if sales grow for a particular product it is possible that the product isn’t in stock. We will inform you within 12 hours when we can deliver it.

Q. How long does the shipping take in the EU?
A. This depends on which courier we use, but with DHL it normally arrives at your address within 4 days (mainland).

Q. I want to order from outside Europe, do I have to pay 21% VAT?
A. No you don’t have the pay the 21% VAT, but it’s possible that you will be charged by your country’s customs accordingly.

Q. What are the shipping costs for outside Europe?
A. We made it as easy a possible and have 3 options, Your order amount is: under 150,- euro then the shipping costs are 26,-  from 150  to 500,- the shipping costs are 36,- and above 500,-
     the shipping costs are 49,- 

Q. What shipping methods do you have for Europe?

A. DHL with Track and Trace. With a max. weight of 30kg per box. Post NL, the budget variant, without Track and Trace. With a max. of 3kg per box.

Q. What shipping methods do you have for outside Europe?
A. We use PostNL for orders from outside Europe, it depends on country how long this takes. If you have a question just let us know.

Q. How are shipping costs being calculated?
A. We only charge you with the necessary shipping costs, we have managed to get good prices for shipping, so we can keep these costs to an absolute minimum.

Q. In which countries do you have dealers?
A. Were still increasing our dealer network, please check our website or send us an email.

Q. What sort of payment do you offer?
A. Our main tool for payments is PayPal. If you wish to arrange payment a different way you can contact us. Orders will be sent after payment is complete.

Q. The Tyga Europe prices on your web shop, do I as a customer have to expect unexpected costs?
A. The prices shown on our website and webshop are VAT included (for customers in Europe). And if you buy above a standard amount we deliver free at you’re address (for customers in Europe). So there are no surprises afterwards.

Q. What guarantee do I get with TYGA Performance products?
A. Our parts are sold for racing use. Due to the rigors of motor sport, we are not able to provide a warranty or guarantee for our products though every effort is made to ensure they are of high quality. We will always do our best to satisfy you as a customer and will look into any issues that you raise with us with the most urgency. If a product fails prematurely, then we will be happy to replace it assuming it was used in the way intended and you can provide proof of the issue etc.

Q. How do I know if a product has homologation (TUV/CE) for the road.
A. The TYGA products are essentially made for track use, but are often used in normal road traffic. All products are of high quality but have no European homologation or certificate. Before you buy our products, please check your country regulations. Use of our products is at your own risk.

Q. What if I want to return the parts I ordered?
A. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with your order, we would like to hear from you why you are dissatisfied. Each case will be considered on its own merits, however, we will strive to make you a happy customer because happy customers have made our business a success and we value them above all else.

Q. Where can I find your conditions of use?
A. You can download them HERE.