HONDA NSR250V | TYGA Project

The first challenge was to find a suitable MC28 to modify. Nowadays, MC28s the World over are in short supply and very expensive. Finding one in Thailand is nigh on impossible. However, we did have a registered MC21 and some MC28 parts, so we decided to use the MC21 as the starting point.

Of course, it is never as simple as it seems when you first start these things, and the first issue was the pro arm swing arm was in poor shape. Our particular one had been covered in filler and then sanded smooth to be used to make the mold for our MC28 swing arm protector. At that time, we considered it pretty much sacrificial but now it is a precious rare commodity. So, with no other pro arm available and with the help of our painter K Pong, he was able to paint it in a flat silver to give an almost perfect factory finish. The hub, on the other hand, was already sorted and was one we had got from GT Performance a few years ago for such a project. GT had given it the large HRC wheel nut conversion which is the same style as the 500V! Frankly, it is strange why Honda did not use this on a production bike. Other makes did such as Ducati, Triumph and MV Augusta.

Next thing was mounting the swing arm to the MC28 frame. The MC21 and MC28 frames are very similar and most parts are interchangeable but not the swing arm pivot shaft which uses different diameters and different bush lengths. With a lot of measuring, comparing, offering up etc, we came to a solution which is simple and reversible. By careful selection of various bushes, spacers and the MC21 pivot shaft, it actually only needs one custom made spacer and no cutting to get it to work and we will be offering this spacer and instructions to anyone wishing to carry out any similar conversion.

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